The inspection and maintenance requirements for any enclosed space needs to be categorised as a high-risk operation regardless of vessel type, due to the multitude of hazards, complications and unknowns that can unfold.

Some key questions that must be asked each time in advance of the work;

– Does the work really need to proceed?

– Is there sufficient manpower to carry out the task with person(s) available to provide safety cover?

– Is there positive communication with all parties?

– Is there safety and rescue equipment available?

The list continues ….

if the answer is no, simply do not proceed!

This choice of topic in the news feed comes in light of the MCA bringing into force new regulations this May on SOLAS applicable ships and  May 2023 for fishing vessels and other categories of vessel.

Consider your on-board control measures, review the Code of Safe Working Practices, the Marine Notices and always promote a positive and proactive safety culture on board. Time allocated to training, risk assessment, equipment and PPE is time well spent and never, ever, take chances.



Hazard identification

A fuel service tank