RIB Capsize, Righting & Rescue Course.

The course has good course notes for home study and practical elements and is delivered hands-on with full candidate participation. The course is aimed at professional Patrol boat, Rescue boat & Workboat crews.

However there is a lot of great training information and seamanship techniques covered and the course is open to the public. The practical element includes multiple capsize and re-righting in seawater, using full ppe and practicing buoyancy control while in the water and under the capsize hull, entry and exit from the capsize hull, methods of climbing on to the capsize hull and self-rescue. Deploying the self-righting gear to right the boat. Then we have lots of practice in getting back in the boat and taking casualties back on the boat.

These courses run every 12 weeks but we can accommodate a group booking anytime if required.


ENG11 Medical certificate and  STCW PST certificate.