Good vessel upkeep requires a continuous inspection of all areas; hull, machinery and the various equipment inside and outside. With a focused mindset we can often identify issues more readily compared with normal day to day work practices. Time given to detailed inspection is time well spent.

Some interesting work addressed here in Killybegs recently where a cranes hydraulic valve block and associated piping was renewed. See images of before and after the work was carried out. The left hand image shows carbon steel piping which had become rusted and weakened  over time, requiring renewal with new hoses and stainless steel fittings. The valve block condition could not be guaranteed so had to be renewed also. When we consider a crane under load with the forces involved, this cannot be left to chance. This issue was first noted after a close inspection and caught just in time!

Corrosion is the deterioration of material by reaction with its environment. The marine environment is particularly aggressive due to salt, the waters ph, the effect these have on certain metals and the conductivity of electricity in water by way of salt ions. Couple these factors with UV degradation of coating systems, water impact, temperature, oxidation, dissimilar metals, operational wear and tear………..this crane has had a hard life!

Corrosion with hydraulic piping is a safety and an environmental concern.

The MCA Approved Engine Course (1&2)  cover maintenance systems onboard vessels, corrosion, lifting operations, hydraulics but also how to develop that inspection mindset!