The Approved Engine Course 2 (AEC2) is now into its third successful year of operation here in Killybegs. Course attendees in this time have come from Argentina, North America, South Africa not to mention all over the European continent. Running the course back to back with AEC1 has indeed contributed to its strong demand but primarily the unique location of a large fishing and commercial port adjacent to the training centre and in no small part, the team involved in all aspects of training and administration, maintains solid course numbers year on year.

The underlying message that we have aimed to get across throughout all courses delivered here in Killybegs is safety. Nothing is more important. Alongside that message, the AEC 1 and 2 build on the understanding & maintenance of marine engines with key vessel technical systems that may require on board maintenance and daily inspection. Developing an appreciation and respect of these and safe systems of work is crucial. The AEC classes always become noisy with discussion, debate and opinions not to mention the sound of circuit breakers going in/out or engine components being taken apart, but what never changes is that quietness that descends when the short written exam session is underway at the end, such is that desire to bring out their best. From an instructional viewpoint, its always great to see this level of commitment from the students, every time.

A very worthwhile and enjoyable course for instructor and students!