If you want to learn or brush up your boat handling skills we also run an intensive 2 day Boat Handling, Pilotage & Close Quarters Seamanship course from our centre in Killybegs.

By the end of this course, all the mysteries of close quarters seamanship will have been explained, demonstrated and practiced.

Course Includes.

  • Vessel shapes and handling characteristics
  • Close Quarters Boat handling.
  • Holding Station.
  • Ferrygliding.
  • Turning Short.
  • Rigging a Tow / Push.
  • Berthing a Tow / Push.
  • Squat.
  • Interaction.
  • Hazards and Risks.
  • Wind and Tide issues.
  • Actions in Emergency.
  • Practice Makes Perfect.

If you’re interested in attending this kind of course, please get in touch asap!