The following data can be extracted from a GZ curve;

  • The metacentric height (GM) is found by drawing a perpendicular line at 57.2° (1 radian) where this line intersects the GZ Curve a right angle is drawn and where this intersects the GZ axis of the graph the GM can be found in this case it is 1.0 metres.
  • Point of contraflexure on the curve of a graph is the location at which no curvature occurs. It is where the curve changes its gradient and represents the angle of deck edge immersion (DEI). In the above diagram it is 35°
  • Maximum GZ in metres and the angle of heel it occurs. 1.9m at 45°
  • The range of positive stability. 0° to 73°
  • Angle of vanishing stability. 73°
  • The moment of stability for a given angle of heel.
  • The dynamical stability for a given angle of heel.